The Madness Begins: My Fringe Recommendations

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It would be pretty daft of me to rely on the goodwill of others to talk about my Edinburgh show because I don’t want to be fleeced of £2000 for PR without me mentioning a plethora of shows that I want to see and would certainly recommend. So here’s a list of stuff that you should go and see in Edinburgh in August because these people are smashing. Obviously, go and see loads of other stuff too. Also, take a chance on things, don’t dismiss a show because nobody in it has ever been on a panel show. Some of us do comedy to...

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VMS Live

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I pride myself on being a level-headed, professional chap.  I love being a comedian and whilst there are certainly problems in my industry, the good times far outweigh the bad.  However, every now and then you will be forced to deal with people who seem to actively set out to be difficult, and every comedian will have their list of promoters who are slow to pay and the like. Thing is, some clubs might take a while to pay but as a rule, they DO eventually pay you.  On February 9th this year I had the misfortune of...

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£2k for PR vs Goodwill: Edinburgh 2015

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The wonderful picture above based on my Edinburgh poster photo is by the amazing Ben Cameron. Buy his brilliant stuff at and follow him on Twitter. It is exactly one month until I start my Edinburgh run.  I’ve been excited since I first ran out my show in Leicester in February, and every time I perform it I feel proud that I’ve written something that is both so personal and seems to make audiences laugh (and think a bit. But mainly laugh).  But as August draws closer, the fear starts to creep in.  Last night...

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The Straight Guy “Man Crush” Survey: Full List of Votes Received

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So yesterday I published the analysis of my “Man Crush” twitter survey, and it became the most read blog that I’ve ever written.  Thanks for sharing it around, keep doing so! A few people have asked for the full breakdown of votes though, so here you go.  Of course, if you want to comment or discuss it then make sure to add me on Twitter and all that. Right then.  In descending order… Name Profession Nation Age Peak Status Votes David Beckham Footballer UK 38 Present Alive 34 Ryan...

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The Great Straight Guy “Man Crush” Survey – The Full Results Are In!

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About a month ago, I conducted a Twitter based experiment.  Thanks to it being retweeted by a few comics much, much more famous than me, it gathered steam and got seriously out of hand.  Luckily I like a spreadsheet and some hardcore analysis.  Originally, I was just working on some material based on an observation of mine and the good gentlemen of Twitter proved me right (thankfully) and gave me a lot of data to sift through. Basically, I have a theory. Well, I have many theories, but they’re often far too nuts to actually write down...

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My Football Blog

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Hello all, I did originally keep it here, but my little football project is now found at Go and have a read, tweet about it, subscribe to it and all that jazz. The basic principle is that I have to watch a game every week based around my comedy travels.  I can’t watch any Premier League games or my own team (Leicester City), can’t go to the same place twice and must always pay for my tickets. I’ve already been to a load of places including Wigan, Bournemouth, Hastings, Leyton Orient, Guiseley,...

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10 Things I Hate About… Video Games

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“It’s you, it’s you, it’s all for you, everything I do, I tell you all the time, heaven is a place on earth with you…” So sang Lana Del Rey in her song “Video Games”.  Am fairly sure what she is crooning about concerns some boy or another, all tattooed and muscular and evil (I fulfil two of these requirements) and whilst I could easily settle down with the flame-haired pouty chanteuse, I can equally take her lyrics to sum up my love for – not a girl or boy – but Video Games...

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10 Things I Hate About… Wrestling

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Wrestling is one of my favourite things.  I’ve been a fan since I was about eight years old and if anything my crazy level of fandom has only got worse in recent years.  The best thing is that as a comedian it seems to be completely acceptable to enjoy watching men in their underwear pretending to fight. Of course, I’m aware that when writing this some of the people reading it may not be as big fans of the grappling arts as myself.  So this will be the first (and probably the last) of my blogs to include a glossary at the end to...

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10 Things I Hate About… Football

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I bloody love football.  I’ve been going to watch games since I was 6, and I’ll probably still be watching them when I’m 96 (should I be unfortunate enough to live that long).  That said, I can easily think of plenty of things that I despise about it.  So with that in mind, here are the ten things that I hate the most about the so-called “beautiful game”. 10:  Identikit Stadiums This is especially apt as a Leicester City supporter.  Filbert Street may have been a dump, but it was out dump:  Unchanged in...

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Since the age of nine, maybe even younger, I’ve always employed the same method when trying to get to sleep.  I’ll lie in bed, curled up on my side (I can’t sleep on my back, like a horse) and I’ll use my imagination to entertain myself while the insomnia kicks in.  I reason with myself that just because I can’t sleep it doesn’t mean that I can’t have something similar to a dream-like experience, the best bit about this being that my naughty old subconscious can’t ruin anything for me. As a kid...

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