My 2017 Fringe Recommendations!

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So I’m not up in Edinburgh this year (as we await our baby being born), but I keep getting tweets asking what I’d recommend people go and see. So here’s a load of shows that I heartily endorse. I’ve probably missed some out, but if you’re at the Fringe this year, catch a few of these and I guarantee you’ll have a belting time. And remember, if the show is free chuck some decent money in the bucket at the end! Follow the links for details and ticket information. Joe Wells – 10 Things I Hate About UKIP...

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Top Ten: Greatest Covers Of All Time

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I love a cover version. Feels a bit weird saying that when I spend a lot of my time ranting about how much I despise things like The X Factor, and coming from the comedy world where you’re not meant to do other people’s jokes and be 100% original.  But I do.  I always have, from when I started getting into music at the age of 12, right up to a man rapidly closing in on his forties. Of course, there’s a debate as to what makes a good cover.  In my eyes, it’s taking something and turning it on it’s head and...

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Not In My Lifetime

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You may have heard me say this before, but when I went to my first Leicester game as a kid, my Dad told me that we’d never win the league, and that supporting City would be fun but full of pain and disappointment. He even suggested I support someone else; I refused because I wanted to be like him. In November, with the Foxes flying high in the league, me and my Dad sat on his sofa chatting about the chances of us winning the title. We were having a proper laugh imagining our prospects of somehow being champions. We both genuinely...

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Surely Not?

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Well, today is a bit weird. This morning I woke up in the house I grew up in, about ten miles away from Leicester. It’s where my Dad still lives, I haven’t just broke in somewhere for nostalgia purposes. Last night I was in Sheffield. Regular readers will know that despite being born in Leicester and raised in Leicestershire that I now live in North Wales with my wife and unborn child. I’m here today because I want to watch football on the telly with my Dad. From my childhood to my early thirties, I went to nearly every...

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Dilly Ding, Dilly Dong

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As my beloved Leicester City kick off this afternoon (I write this in the early hours of Sunday morning) then I will be stood in front of 700 wonderful, raucous wrestling fans at the Electric Ballroom in Camden. I won’t be watching, no matter how much I want to, because it’s an important day for PROGRESS and I’ve already missed a show recently when I was up at Sunderland. We are hosting two matches for the WWE, the biggest organisation in the wrestling world. They’re holding a Global Cruiserweight Series and we have...

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I Don’t Blame You For Crying, Claudio

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Last Sunday, when I’d finished “work” for the afternoon, I walked back to my car. At some point during the half a mile stroll, emotions took hold of me and I found myself welling up and a couple of tears streamed down my face. About an hour earlier, at exactly the same place of work, a lovely Italian man looked like he had a bit of a cry towards the end of his working day as well. Neither of us were reacting to not getting a pay rise or a promotion in an office. We both happened to be at The Stadium of Light in Sunderland....

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The Curse of Manager of the Month and Other Unfounded Fears

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This week I supported one of my favourite comedians (and if I’m honest, favourite human beings) on his tour in Melton Mowbray.  Paul Sinha is a really good mate and it was lovely to be asked to open the show for him in my home county.  Thing is, I was nervous before the gig, and a wreck on-stage during it.  I got through it and enjoyed myself, but after the show I was talking to my Dad and our mate Big Dave about how my anxiety is all over the place whilst I was running through my material.  My Dad nodded and told me why I was...

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Hey, Chris Waddle? We Are No Longer Friends

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I sit here writing this, my pre-game blog, at 3.30am on Saturday morning. I’m watching wrestling (the “other job”) and I’m aware that I don’t have a lot of time over the rest of this weekend to get stuff written down.  Also, I’m aware that I need to write about not just the fortunes of Leicester City, but somehow hope that writing about Spurs as well will cause them to slip up in their Saturday evening kickoff against Liverpool.  I have never wanted Liverpool to win a game more.  If things go our way, we...

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Very Superstitious (Writings On The Wall)

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I’m slightly short on time as I write this today, but not writing a blog ahead of Leicester’s game at Crystal Palace is simply not an option.  Because let’s look at the evidence: Two blogs, two wins.  I can’t take the risk of not writing one before every City game for the rest of the season because then if we didn’t win the league it would somehow be my fault.  That’s the reason I can’t go to games either (I was at our 2-2 draw with WBA and you can’t help feeling that if I’d stayed at...

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Monday Night Football: Also Featuring Leicester City

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So I got quite the reaction to my blog that I wrote 9 days ago as I nervously counted down the hours until Leicester’s game against Watford. You can read that here if you like, but as a man who his riddled with superstition I will now write one of these blogs before every game for the rest of this Premier League season.  If it achieves nothing else, it will stop me looking at the clock and counting down the minutes until the game this evening whilst gnawing at my fingers until they become bloodied stumps. Rewind to last week, and I was...

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