I’m Jim Smallman. I’m a stand-up comedian.

I’ve been performing since 2005 and I’ve been all over the world swearing at people and being daft for money. You can usually find me performing all over the country (and beyond) pretty much every night of the week. I work for all the major clubs and promoters in the UK, and if you want to find out where I’m performing next then feel free to check out my upcoming gigs page.

If you do come and see me then you’ll recognise me as being the chap with all the tattoos. My preferred description for myself (and if the Sun newspaper ever did some kind of report on me) is “heavily tattooed idiot”. I’m covered in them and yes, that is Ron Burgundy on my right arm. Told you I was an idiot.

In 2011 I took my second Edinburgh show up to the fringe and it got lots of lovely attention and great reviews – so much so that I then filmed a version of it for a DVD which I sold nearly 3,000 copies of all by myself, physically and via download. My first hour-long show was “The Boy Next Door Gone Wrong” which won two awards at the 2010 Hollywood Fringe Festival (Best Comedy Performance and Best International Show) and was nominated for Best Début Show at the 2009 Leicester Comedy Festival. In 2012 I was back in Edinburgh again with my third show “Let’s Be Friends” and my improvised advice show “Group Therapy”.  Once again, they got lots of good press and a plethora of four and five star reviews. My most recent fringe visit was to perform “My Girls”, which was nominated for Best Show at the 2015 Leicester Comedy Festival, and led to me performing a piece for Radio 4 around some of the subject matter.

Away from comedy I have worked as a radio presenter for BBC Local Radio, appeared as a regular guest on BBC Radio Five Live’s “Fighting Talk”, record a podcast called “AniMates” with my chums Katie Mulgrew and Tony Jameson and presented a weekly wrestling TV show for Sports Tonight called The Slam. I’m a voiceover artist too, with my dulcet tones featuring in a fair few adverts and my narration on three series of National Geographic HD series Car SOS. I also make silly videos and write a blog, all of which can be found on this site. How considerate of me. I now write a football blog too called “The Football Neutral” which sees me travelling all over the UK to watch my favourite sport. Oh, and I’m one of the owners of PROGRESS Wrestling in London, which is rather popular.

I perform a lot of material concerning my rather strange life. I’m a reformed alcoholic and drug addict and I suffer with bipolar disorder. The latter has led to me being able to help with various mental health charities, and the former has led to me now adopting a straight edge lifestyle – meaning that I do not consume any alcohol, drugs or tobacco – and it’s even led to me getting a special straight edge Hello Kitty tattoo, designed by my daughter.

Speaking of whom, I’m a father to a twelve year old called Amelia. She features in a lot of stories onstage these days, and along with my wife was discussed at length in “My Girls” throughout 2015.

Fancy watching me being daft? Here’s a video of me in Edinburgh in 2012, performing at the infamous Spank! late night gig.

If you want to get in touch with me then you can email me right here, or follow me on Twitter.

If it’s concerning booking me for a gig, radio or TV appearance or a casting then you need to speak to my lovely agent Sally Carter at Red Comedy management. She handles my diary and is all lovely and that. Email her here.

The obligatory press quotes that comedians must fill their websites with can be found here, and the few remotely attractive pictures of me that exist are here.

Away from doing stand-up all over the shop, here’s a concise list of all of my credits to date…


The Big Questions – BBC 1, guest

The Slam – Sports Tonight, presenter (12 episodes)

Talking Balls – Sports Tonight, panelist (12 episodes)

Sunday Review – Sports Tonight, panelist (12 episodes)

Console Yourself – Ginx TV, panelist (12 episodes)

Trans World Sport – Channel 4, guest


Four Thought – BBC Radio 4, writer / performer, live at End of the Road Festival, listen here

Fighting Talk – BBC Radio Five Live, guest (5 episodes)

Live at the Boat Show – BBC Radio Four Extra, performer

Nick Grimshaw Show – BBC Radio 1, guest

Jo Good Show – XFM, contributor to my own feature “All the Small Things” every week (2013)

Jim Smallman Show – BBC Radio Leicester, presenter (weekday afternoons, Saturday mornings, 2010-2011)


Skin Deep Magazine – Columnist (2010-2012)

The Leicester Mercury – Columnist (2011-2012)

The Huffington Post – Featured blogger (2013, ongoing)

The Daily Mirror – Articles (2014-15)

The Guardian  – Articles (2015)


Car SOS – National Geographic Channel, narrator (30 episodes, 2013-15)

Police and Crime Commission Elections – Syndicated radio advert (2012)

Lexus – Syndicated radio advert (2013)

Kia – Syndicated radio advert (2013)

Nandos – Syndicated radio advert (2013)

The Radio Advertisising Bureau – Syndicated radio advert (2014)

Government Help To Buy Scheme – Syndicated radio advert (2015-16)

Screwfix – Syndicated radio adverts (2015-16)

For voiceover work I am represented by Lip Service. Click here to go and visit my profile on their site.

Ta for visiting and all that. Come see me at a gig near you soon, say hello, and I will hold you until it becomes deeply uncomfortable.